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Step By Step Guide
Creating an Event.

What can Event Organisers do?

The Organisers Menu gives you access to a whole range of new functions.  From here you can access:

  • Event Admin – the main area for administrating and keeping up to date with progress of your events.  From here you can make changes to events, a quick view to see how many people have entered, do a mail shot out to participants.  Look at the finances – how much income has the race generated.
  • Reports – Access a range of reports - from an emergency contact list to an invoice summary.
  • Waiting Lists – Automatically notify people on waiting lists when places become available.
  • Add Event – Create a new event that can be published and visible to everyone within minutes.
  • New Series – Create a new Race Series, have multiple events in one series, to encourage people to sign up to more than one event.
  • Upload Results – with our quick upload feature – you can have your results posted on the site as soon as your event is over.

Create Your First Race?

You can add as much or as little detail as you want to your event, but we would recommend you spend an extra few minutes and complete as much of the information as possible. The more information you add the more chance your event will be found in the race listings.

For each new event you will be asked to complete:

  • Event Information – Date, Time, Event Type, Entry Price. 
  • Event Detail – Course Profile, Distances etc.  The actual items listed will vary according to the sport selected.  We now include a small number of templates – which will auto populate your event with some default settings.  If you would like to see more templates added then please contact us.
  • Event Description – A short summary which may be included on the results page and a longer description where you can add all the info about the event.
  • Event Location – Address & Postcode.  This is a required section of the form – otherwise people won’t be able to find your race.
  • Event Configuration – When does the race opens for entries? Is it part of a series?  Does it have a limited number of places? Do you require additional competitor information? (See below for more information)
  • Event Photo – Add a picture of the venue or event to make your event stand out.
  • Event Sponsors – Want to give your event sponsors some free promotion – add their logos and a link to their website here.

Once you have filled in the information – click on the ‘Add Event’ button and if you set your event up as ‘Entries Open’ – the event will now show up in the race listings. 

You can edit your event from the ‘Event Admin’ screen or if you are logged in you will see an 'Edit' button on the event page.

What's the first thing people experience about your event?

– The online entry process.

As an organiser, you might spend a lot of time and effort making your events the best they could possibly be - but is your current entry provider doing the same?

There are some good sites out there, and just like OneRace they can really help you with your event organising - but what do they offer the participants, the people actually using the system?
Many sites require people to enter their details over and over again. Some sites only enable you to enter one person per race at a time. Some are just overly complicated and confusing. And some add that nasty little booking fee right at the end - that they forgot to tell you about!

Well - we want to change all that....

“You must expect great things from yourself before you can do them”

We would always recommend you try using a site as the participant would see it, is it giving them the best possible experience?

We encourage you to try the others and then come and try ONERACE and see the difference for yourself.

OneRace was designed for both Organisers and Users. Here's just some of the things we offer:

  • Individual, Family and Group registration, enter multiple entries into multiple races.
  • Race History - quick view to see which events they have entered.
  • Search customization - ability to limit results to their favourite sports
  • Quick Registration process including options to sign in with Facebook
  • Customer Support Team - to answer any queries

Will this cost you anything extra? We don't believe so. We are very competively priced and will continue to be so. By hosting large numbers of events we can keep the costs down and pass the savings on to you.

One Goal, One Dream, One Race