How to Find an Event

The start up page will look to see where you are located and will display all events in your area.

Use the search bar to filter the type of events and use the map to narrow or widen your search area.

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How do I find events near me?

One-Race will automatically detect where you are located and base its search results around you. 

If you would like to search for races elsewhere, simply move the map around and click on where you would like to re-centre the search. 

This will automatically change the location at the top of the map. 

Now click on the name at the top of the map and it will search again.

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Don’t want to travel too far?

You can change how far OneRace looks for you races in two ways:

  • Altering the Proximity dropdown in the search bar or
  • Adjusting the zoom level on the map

Both are linked to each other, so as you zoom in the search will auto adjust and narrow the search area.

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Can I search for specific sports?

Yes.  The search bar allows you to select from all the various sports we have listed on the site, from running and cycling to orienteering and golf. 

Click on the dropdown menu next to the title ‘Sport’ and this will list all of the options. 

You can ‘select all’ or select one or multiple sports, by clicking on each of the checkboxes.

Did you know, OneRace even lets you save your favourite sports, so next time you come to search the dropdown will be pre-selected with only the sports you are interested in. 

Visit the Preferences tab on the My Account page.  (You will need to register to be able to make use of this feature)

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Already know the race you want?

The search bar allows you to enter the full or part name of a race.  You can also enter in the town or city or even the race id if you know it.

image 5

Advanced Search

Want to find a 100km Cycling Sportive.  No problem. 

Click on the advanced search button (the white down arrow in the top right) and this will show you an additional search bar.

The advanced search really lets you drill down and find that exact race for you. 

Here you can filter by race distance, i.e you might want to just look for long runs over 20k.

If you are looking for a specific sport – select the sport from the dropdown – and then filter by event type.  i.e you could search for all hilly offroad runs in the North West of England.

Once you have used the site a few times, it becomes really quick to find exactly the event or race you are looking for.

image 6

No Results?

The combination of search criteria has resulted in no matches. 

Maybe widen your area of search or widen your search criteria. 

Sometimes its just as quick to reset the search – just click on the X on the right of the search bar.

image 7

How to Change the View Mode

Changing the View Mode allows you to see more or less detail about each of the events in the results window.  There are 4 view modes currently available:

  • List Mode – this is the default mode and allows you to see the most results in the shortest space.  It gives you a quick overview of the event status and how far it is from your chosen location.
  • Tile Mode – a photo of the event with a short description of the race.
  • Summary Mode – Combination of the previous two modes, with all the info you need about the event.
  • Map Mode – Just want to see where all the races are.  Map mode does just that.  Removes the listings and lets you see all the results on the map.  Click on any of the icons to find full details about the event.

image 8

Screen loading slowly?

Limit the number of results per page.  This will speed up your page load times. 

You can select from 25 results per page up to 500 results per page and you can still step through each of the pages using pagination at the bottom of the screen. 

However we would recommend you filter your search if you are getting hundreds of results. 

image 9

How do I find out more info on a race?

Just click on the row in the results window (or click on the map icon). 

This will take you to the event page where you can find all the information you need.

How do I re-sort the results?

You can click on any of the column headings to resort the data.  So you can sort races by event name, date or even proximity.   

image 10

A small black bar will appear under the heading that you have chosen to sort by. 

In this example, results are being sort by date in descending order.  Click on it again to sort in ascending order.

image 11

The Event Page

image 12

The Event Page lists all the details about your selected event.

  • Event Description – details about the race from the event organiser.
  • Event Information – date, price, entry limits and a link to enter race.
  • Event Profile - the type of race, race distances and course profiles. 
  • Event Organiser – contact information for the race.
  • Map & Address – full details of how to find the race.
  • Event Sponsors – links to companies sponsoring the event.

To enter the race just click on the ‘Enter Now’ button. 

If the event is currently listed on another website, click on the ‘Visit Site’ button.  This will take you to an external website and you can continue the registration process there. 

Check that pop-ups have not been blocked - you may need to change your settings in your browser. Click on Allow Popups for this site. We do not use any pop up advertising on the site. The only time pop-ups are required is for viewing external websites.

In some circumstances an external link may not have been provided, so the button will be disabled. 

To return to your previous search click on the ‘Back to Search’ button or click on Events on the Top Menu Bar.

How do I Register with OneRace?

Just click on the Register button in the top right of the screen which will take you to the Registration page.

image 13

There are only 3 things you need to enter to register with OneRace. 

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Postcode

Plus you have the option to select whether you want to register as an event organiser too.

Once you have completed your details – you will be immediately sent an email confirmation. 

Click on the link in the email to activate your account. 

image 14

Create a password for your account and that’s it you are done.  Welcome to OneRace.

Can I login with Facebook?

image 15

Yes – It’s even easier to register or login using Facebook.  Just click on the Facebook link. 

The first time you click on the link – it will ask you to allow OneRace to access your basic Facebook Profile.  We won’t post to your Facebook account without asking you first.  

One you have registered with your Facebook Account – you are always just one click away from logging back into OneRace.

Can I login using my Twitter account?

No, not yet – but we will be adding Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ to the login page soon.

Login to OneRace

image 16

Once you have registered, you can log into OneRace anytime just with your email address and password, or even easier login using facebook. 

Logging in will give you access to additional sections of the site.  The menu bar will change to show your name, click on this to access your ‘My Account’ pages. 

If you have registered as an ‘Event Organiser’ – you will also see a new 'Organisers' menu option at the top of the screen.. 

From here you can add new events or administer existing events.

image 17

Race Entry Page

Each event page will have a link to enable you to enter the race. 

You must be registered and logged in to enter a race. 

When you click on the link – you will be directed to the race entry page.

image 18

This is where your life has become a whole lot simpler. 

No longer do you have to keep typing in your or your families details each time you enter an event. 

Enter details once and just select who you want to enter the race.

image 19





Some races will require additional information, such as a swim time, to ensure you get put in the right wave for the race. 

Just enter any extra info here and that’s it! 

image 20









Click on Add to Basket and then you can continue to search for other races or proceed to the checkout.  

Once you have clicked on add to basket you will see your names disappear from the event entry box and appear in the checkout box. 

As an extra check – OneRace will look to see if you have already entered the race – just to make sure you don’t enter anything twice by mistake!

How do I pay for the races?

Each time you add someone to an event, they will show up in the ‘Checkout’ panel.

image 21

Once you are ready to proceed – click on the Pay Now button.

Here you will be given an opportunity to make any amendments before proceeding to the payments screen.  

If you have changed your mind - click on the ‘remove’ checkbox to cancel your race entry, then click on ‘Update’ to refresh your basket.

image 22

Once you are ready to proceed, click on one of the payment options to pay for your events. 

Note:  Entry is only guaranteed into a race once payment has been received.

My Account

Once you have registered – there are a number of things you can do, to improve your experience on the One-Race site.

Your first stop should be the ‘My Account’ page. 

image 23






From here you can complete your profile and really personalise the site to your needs.

To access the My Account page, select the User Menu in the top right hand corner of the menu bar.

image 24

My Account gives you access to:

  • My Details – Edit your personal information, contact information, passwords etc.
  • Athlete Profile – You can change your start up page, add in your club details and change email preferences.  The Email notifications is a really useful tool, as it will enable us to send you emails which relate to what you are looking for.  Also since the site has still got so much more to offer yet, we can update you whenever there is a major new upgrade planned, and give you previews of what’s coming.
  • Activities – Select your favourite sports.  Most people have their favourite sports, so why not filter out all those events you are not interested in and see just what you want.  By selecting favourite sports, next time you use the Search facility, On-Race will remember your preferences and look only for your sports.  (Don’t worry though – you can reset the search at any time if you do want to look for something different)
  • Friends and Family – Add in your friends details – so you can enter them into races too.  What makes One-Race so good is that you can store all your friends and families details too and enter them into races at the same time.  There is no limit to how many people you add.
  • Address Book – Your Friends and Family Address Book.  We would strongly recommend that you have at least a postcode associated with your account as this is used on the main Search Page.  Whenever you are logged in, it will use your address as the default central point in your search.  Like with most other things on the site, you can easilt override this by moving around the map and clicking on the new location at the top of the map.
  • Payment History – View all the payments you have made and races you have entered.

What can Event Organisers do?

The Organisers Menu gives you access to a whole different side of the site.  From here you can access:

  • Event Admin – the main area for administrating and keeping up to date with progress of your events.  From here you can make changes to events, a quick view to see how many people have entered, do a mail shot out to entries.  Look at the finances – how much income has the race generated.
  • Add Event – Create a new event that can be published and visible to everyone within minutes.
  • New Series – Create a new Race Series, have multiple events in one series, to encourage people to sign up to more than one event.
  • Upload Results – with our quick upload feature – you can have your results posted on the site as soon as your event is over.

How do I add an Event?

First you need to be set up as an Event Organiser. 

This can either be done when you first register or you can do it under ‘My Details’ on your ‘My Account’ page.

Once you are set up as an Organiser – you will see this new Menu Item on the top Menu Bar.  Select ‘Add Event’.

image 25

Add a New Event

You can add as much or as little detail as you want to your event, but we would recommend you spend that extra few minutes and complete as much of the information as possible. 

The more information you add the more chance your event will be found in the race listings. 

image 26


For each new event you will be asked to complete:

  • Event Information – Date, Time, Event Type, Entry Price.  Once you have selected your sport – you will be shown an Event Detail form specific to that sport.
  • Event Detail – Course Profile, Distances, Surface, Times.  The actual items listed will vary according to the sport selected.  We now include a small number of templates – which will auto populate your event with some default settings.  If you would like to see more templates added please contact us.
  • Event Description – Short Summary which may be included on the results page.  A longer description where you can add all the info about the event.
  • Event Location – Address & Postcode.  This is a required section of the form – otherwise people won’t be able to find your race.
  • Event Configuration – When does the race opens for entries? Is it part of a series?  Does it have a limited number of places? Do you require additional competitor information?
  • Event Photo – Add a picture of the venue or event to make your event stand out.
  • Event Sponsors – Want to give your event sponsors some free promotion – add their logos here.

Once you have filled in the information – click on the ‘Add Event’ button and if you set your event up as ‘Entries Open’ – the event will now show up in the race listings. 

You can edit your event from the ‘Event Admin’ screen or if you are logged in and select your event from the results page - you will see an Edit button (this is only visible to you as the event organiser). 

image 27









Click the button and you will be taken to the Edit Event Page.

Event Admin


image 28

The My Events tab gives you a real quick overview of all the events you have on OneRace. 

You can quickly see how your race is performing.  Is it getting many views?  How many people have entered and the income generated. 

You can also change the Status of the event i.e. if you want to close the event and not accept any more entries – just change the Status in the dropdown menu.

You can also edit your events from this screen – just click on the Edit Button on the Right Hand Side.


How to Copy an Event.

Holding the same event next year – about to enter all the race info again? You’re in luck. 

No longer do you have to key in all the same info again, just switch to your organiser’s admin screen.  

Select the event you want to repeat and click on the ‘Copy’ button. 

This will display all your race info in the new event screen – so all you have to do is change the date, make any changes to the race description etc. and that’s it. Done.  Couldn’t be easier…..


List of entries.

From the Organisers Menu Option – select "Event Admin".

On the Event Admin Screen – select the ‘Event entries’ option.

image 29







You will then be provided with a list of all your events you currently have on the site.

image 30

Once you have selected your event, you will be shown a list of all the people who have entered the race to date. 

This can then be exported to excel by clicking on the link at the top of the table.

image 31

Mail Shots

Do you need to contact people who have entered the Race?

The Mail Shot feature of OneRace allows you to send out communications to some or all of the people who have entered your race. 

No longer do you have to compile all the email addresses into one big BCC list. 

Now it’s a simple as clicking on their names. 

Entering a message and Send. 

You also have the option to attach files or include links in your email.

image 32









By clicking on the Add Recipients drop down box, you have the option of:

  • selecting all entries (by checking the Select All option),
  • select Individual entries or
  • use the Search box at the top to filter entries, by name or club name etc.

image 33






Do I need my own PayPal Account?

You don't need to set up any paypal accounts, we'll handle all your payments for you and reimburse you on a weekly basis.

As a new organiser, you can set up your event within minutes. We'll provide you with everything you need to get your event up and running.

We collect all the payments for you and transfer them directly over to your bank account. 

As an event organiser – you will receive payments at the end of each week.  

You don’t have to wait until the end of the month like on some sites, we know the importance of cash flow, it’s your event, your money, we are just here to help you promote your site and make managing your event as easy as possible.

You can view how many places have been taken up for each of your races and how much income you have earned on the ‘My Events’ tab of the Admin Page. 

For more detailed statements, which will show you a full breakdown of all your income, fees and charges – visit the ‘Account Summary’ tab.

Future Plans

OneRace was launched in November 2014.

The site aims to be the most best race events website in the world! No small goal. Over time we are going to be adding some great new features, view our discussion board, to hear about all the latest developments. if you have anything that you would like to see on the site, please let us know.

A few of the ideas currently in the pipeline:

Race Reviews - comments and ratings on races around the world

Race Series – planning a series of weekly events, all exactly the same.  You will soon be able to configure your event so it repeats on a daily, weekly or custom schedule.